Learning to Skydive at NSC
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Napoleon Skydiving Center is a full service drop zone offering tandem first jumps through AFF training, coaching, and gear sales and service. General information on skydiving is available from the Skydive!Archive and USPA. Students in both programs should be at least 18 years of age and in reasonable physical condition. Those weighing over 210 pounds should contact NSC for availability. Students should wear athletic shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather. NSC will provide all the necessary equipment, all we need is you!

Contact NSC directly for up-to-date pricing and reservation information.

Never made a skydive?

Come to NSC and make an Introductory Tandem Jump! Tandem

The tandem program is a fun introduction to skydiving and is highly recommended for those making their first jump. Tandem jumps are done from high altitudes using dual harness, dual parachute Vetor Tandem rigs. The tandem rigs use square (``ram-air'') gliding canopies for main and reserve parachutes and are equipped with the CYPRES electronic ``automatic activating device''. A USPA rated Tandem Instructor accompanies the student at all times during freefall, deployment and the canopy ride. You'll be freefalling for up to 60 seconds and then pulling a ripcord to deploy the main parachute. You and your instructor will then use toggles to control the ram-air (square) gliding parachute during descent and landing.

NSC Tandem Price List (2007)
Group Size Weekdays Weekends
1-4 persons $175 $195
5-9 persons $165 $185
10-19 persons $155 $175
20 or more $155 $175
Prices are effective March 1, 2007 and are subject to change.
For reservations call (248) 375-5797.

The tandem program is headed by Mike Pelzer (tandem/I, RWS examiner). Mike has made over 2,300 tandem jumps including special needs students.

Want to learn to jump on your own?

Come to NSC and enroll in our AFF Program!

The AFF - Coaching progression is a complete program for training you to skydive. NSC uses AFF and Coaching jumps to teach skydiving and canopy piloting in a fun, safe environment. There are two distinct phases to the AFF - Coaching progression:

  1. The Accelerated Freefall or AFF phase consists of a six-hour ground school and a minimum of 7 AFF dives. This phase is used to train the student for solo skydiving. AFF jumps are done from high altitudes using solo student gear with ripcord-deployed square (ram-air) main and reserve canopies and CYPRES AADs. One or two USPA rated AFF Instructors accompany the student during freefall to assist in stability and main parachute deployment. In this phase the student learns packing, emergency procedures and basic skydiving maneuvers. At the end of this phase the student is ``cleared to jumpmaster him/herself'' and ready for solo skydiving.

  2. The Coaching phase fills the gap between ``cleared to jumpmaster self'' and ``licensed skydiver''. During this phase the student will work with freefall coaches to improve his/her freefall skills and begin the transition to ``experienced'' gear. At the end of the coaching phase, the novice will qualify for a United States Parachute Association Basic License and is no longer considered a student at USPA drop zones.

NSC AFF and Coaching Price List (2007)
AFF Ground School $115
AFF Catagories A-C $185 each jump
AFF Catagories D-E $145 each jump
Coaching Jumps $70 each jump
Graduation Jump No Charge
Prices are effective March 1, 2007 and are subject to change.
For reservations call (248) 375-5797.

We also offer IAD Training!

The IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment) program is an alternative to our AFF program for training you to skydive. The IAD method involves a solo exit from the aircraft and a solo descent under a parachute. In this program the instructor holds the student's pilot chute as the student exits the aircraft. The instructor then releases the pilot chute, which begins the deployment of the student's main canopy. The program consists of sixteen jumps progressing in altitude from 3,500 to 10,500 feet. Upon completion of this program, the student is only a few jumps away from their U.S.P.A. "A" license. Please note that IAD training is only available on a limited basis. Call for more information.

NSC IAD and Coaching Price List (2007)
IAD First Jump Course $164*
IAD Jumps 2-10 $70 each jump
IAD Jumps 11-16 $80 each jump
Conversion to AFF $190
Graduation Jump No Charge
*IAD First Jump Course Fee Includes First Jump
For reservations call (248) 375-5797.

S/L Students

Conversion training from Static Line progression to Accelerated Freefall is available. Call (248) 375-5797 for additional information.

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