The Woman's Record at NSC
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On Saturday August 23 1997, twenty-two female skydivers completed a freefall formation over the Napoleon Skydiving Center in Michigan. This set the woman's record for the state.

The record-setting formation:

Formation JPG


Participants JPG

Dawn Alford-Ruzich
Kate Campain
Ronda Cheever
Kathryn daCosta
Debra Florez
Tia Hodge
Sarah Holland
Cindy Irish
Lisa Kaminski
Jacki McKee
Brenda O'Brien
Miriam Rogers
Jennifer Rumohr
Carol Smith
Mary Francis Smith
Kelly Snider
Jennifer Thomas
Cathy Tipton
Susan Wehner
Denise Williams
Karla Willis
Michelle Yee

Organizer: Brenda O'Brien
Video/Stills: Steve Marschall
Pilot (DHC6-100 Twin Otter): Mike Prince

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