The MI State Record at NSC
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On Saturday September 13 1997, fifty skydivers linked up over Napoleon Skydiving Center to form the largest freefall formation ever completed in the state of Michigan. This dive was also a record for the Mideastern Region (which includes Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia).

The skydivers jumped from a Twin Otter and CASA flying in formation at 14,000 ft. The completed formation was held for six seconds. The dive was organized by George Jicha and was the largest formation 30 of the 50 participants had ever been in!

The record-setting 50-way formation:

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Formation JPG


Ronda Cheever
Joe Colvin
John Conry
Flavio DaCosta
Kathy DaCosta
Dennis Darby
John Davis
Rick DeShano
Fred Dietrich
Bob Domeier
Larry Ekstrom
Greg Falbo
Larry Franklin
Jack Gregory
Kathy Grix
Bob Harris
Tia Hodge
Matt Hunt
Cindy Irish
George Jicha
David Kleinbusch
Mike Londke
Dale Maddox
Steve Marschall
John Martinson
Dan May
Mike Miller
Robin Mitchell
Mike Nester
Brenda O'Brien
Mike Pelzer
Bob Ponzi
Pravin Puri
Sam Raymer
Craig Seeley
Dave Sheldon
Stan Slagle
Russ Snyder
Pat Solar
Dale Southard
John Swinter
Dan Tarr
Barb Thessen
Tricia Thompson
Jim Turner
Mark Votruba
Denise Williams
Karla Willis
Brad Winchell


George Jicha
John Conry
Gavin Ballach
Jimmy Everly
Josh Ruttkofsky (CASA)
Andy Bursk (CASA)
Mike Prince (DHC6-100 Twin Otter)

NSC would like to thank organizer George Jicha, aircraft owner Paul Fayard, and, most importantly, all the skydivers who participated for an enjoyable and successful 50-way state record. Way to go!

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